ICS RAS and ISPU united physico-chemical center of solutions

Scientific direction: 
Chemistry and physical chemistry of solutions, theoretical foundations of chemical-engineering processes in liquid media
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General direction of laboratory investigations is structural analysis of liquid-phase systems in a wide range of state parameters. Major tasks are revelation of the specific character of ions surrounding in solutions, regularity of water-electrolyte diffusion-averaged structure formation. Methods in use: experimental methodology is X-ray diffraction and theoretical one is integral equations approach.
Laboratory facilities:
Ячеечные калориметры для определения тепловых эффектов процессов в растворах   Общий план одной из калориметрических установок  Термостат А3 (БМЦ, Минск) для создания термостатированной среды с точностью поддержания температуры ±0.001 К


Laboratory has X-ray diffractometer DRON-UM-1.
 The device is the analytical instrument for scientific and application tasks and intended for a wide range of various crystalline materials X-ray structure investigations in large angle range. Study of liquids become possible after the replacement of subjoined cavity with specially developed cell, which is located to the standard sample holder.