Laboratory 3-6. Chemistry of carbohydrate coordination compounds and supermolecular systems

Scientific direction: 
Chemistry and technology of annually renewable natural polysaccharides profound processing, elaboration of fibrous and membraneous materials with adjusted properties
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Elena V. Parfenyuk, PhD, Senior researcher

Irina V. Terekhova, PhD, Senior researcher

Olga I. Davidova, PhD, Senior researcher

T.A. Trusova., Principal engineer

A.S. Krayev, Post-graduate student

T. Nefedova, Post-graduate student


Basic topics:

  • The topic of research work is «Functional nanomaterials on the basis of inorganic oxides and polysaccharides for electrorheology»  
  • Russian fund for basic research grant. Investigation of possible modification of medical products properties by means of their complexation with macrocyclic ligands

Medal for "Elaboration originality " as a result of scientific and engineering achievements exhibition of Ivanovo region "Innovations - 2006"  for the work
 A.V. Agafonov, T.A. Nefyodova, A.S. Krayev, O.I. Davivova, T.A. Trusova " Highly porous nanomaterials on the basis of silicon dioxide "