Laboratory 3-6. Chemistry of hybrid nanomaterials and supramolecular systems

Scientific direction: 
Chemistry and technology of annually renewable natural polysaccharides profound processing, elaboration of fibrous and membraneous materials with adjusted properties
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The main task of the laboratory is the development of solution methods for the synthesis and functionalization of inorganic nanostructures

The objects of research include:

Smart (responsive) materials

Functional composite nanomaterials

Nanostructured materials for catalysis and environmental recovery

Nanomaterials for electronic, photonic and energy devices

Nanomaterials for biomedical applications


Scientific results for the last 5 years:

Previously unknown, practically important phenomena associated with an increase in the electrorheological effect under the influence of nonpolar liquid additives, as well as with the appearance of a negative electrorheological effect as a result of modification of the surface of oxide filler particles by some surfactants, have been discovered.

The influence of polarization characteristics and the shape of particles of filler materials on the magnitude of the electrorheological effect is characterized and explained.

A set of experimental studies has been carried out in the field of using single-stage plasma-chemical processes in solutions to obtain composite materials based on polymers and nanoparticles of metals and metal oxides.

The regularities of the effect of plasma parameters during combustion in solutions between electrodes of the same type and electrodes of various metals on the properties of nanoparticles formed under conditions of ultrahigh quenching rates, and the interaction of nanoparticles formed in "solution plasma" with polymers are revealed.

The prospects for the use of "solution plasma" for the mass synthesis of oxide nanoparticles in single- and multicomponent systems, as well as for the modification of polymers by oxide nanoparticles in solution, are determined.

Systematic studies of the properties of ion-conducting materials based on natural clay minerals montmorillonite and halloysite, which have different packing of aluminosilicate layers at the nanolevel - lamellar and tubular, and low-temperature melts of organic electrolytes - ionic liquids, have been carried out.

Regularities of changes in viscosity, electrical conductivity, thermal transformations of ionogels depending on the type of cations and anions in the composition of ionic liquids are revealed.

The effect of confinement effects during the entry of ionic liquids into the interplanar spaces of layered aluminosilicates on the physicochemical properties of ionogels has been established.

Projects and grants:

RFBR grant 09-03-97553-r_center_a Sol-gel synthesis of new nanostructured materials based on TiO2 and Al2O3. Study of the properties and relationship of the created structure and catalytic activity 2009 -2011

RFBR grant 10-03-92658-IND_a Principles of formation of nanoarchitectures based on titanium and aluminum oxides and their relationship with catalytic and adsorption properties 2010 - 2011

RFBR grant 11-03-12063-ofi-m-2011 Sol-gel synthesis of dilute magnetic semiconductors in a polymer matrix 2011 - 2012

RFBR grant 14-03-00502A Soft synthesis of nanostructures of transition metal titanates for use in environmental photocatalysis 2014-2016

Research work on the topic "Development of an optically transparent composition for application to the organic glazing of aircraft" "Agreement with the state scientific center of OAO ONPP Tekhnologiya 2010-2012

RFBR grant, project 5-48-03064 r_tsentr_a Creation of scientific bases for imparting barrier antimicrobial properties to polyester fabrics and the ability to self-clean by forming a coating on their surface based on photoactive titanium dioxide nanoparticles

RFBR grant, project 15-43-03148 r_tsentr_a Low-temperature sol-gel synthesis of metal-oxide films on polymer substrates 2015-2016

RFBR grant, project 16-03-01016 a Large-sized polyhydroxocomplexes of d- and f-elements in the production of functional layered and fibrous nanomaterials based on mineral and biological templates 2015-2017,

RFBR grant, project 18-29-12012 MK Gel-like ion-conducting nanocomposites based on clay minerals and ionic liquids 2016-2018

RSF grant No. 16-13-10399 2019-2021,

Head of the laboratory
Doctor of сhemical sciences
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