Gelation in solutions of low deacetylated chitosan initiated by high shear stresses

Авторы публикации: 
I.M.Lipatova, A.A.Yusova, N.V.Losev, E.A.Indeikin
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules
Год публикации: 
V. 139, P. 550-557


•Physical hydrogel of chitosan with a low degree of deacetylation was obtained.

• Gelation is initiated by action of high shear stresses on chitosan solutions.

• The films of dried hydrogel showed high sorption towards water vapor and Cu2+ ions.

• Dried hydrogel showed high re-swelling rate and can retain up to 5000% of water.

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A new process of mechanically initiated formation of chitosan physical hydrogels in aqueous solution, without a cross-linking agent, was studied. Physical hydrogel is formed by mechanical activation of solutions of chitosan with a low deacetylation degree (58%) in situ in a rotor-stator device for 10 s. The formation of 3D gel structure has been proven by rotational viscometry and dynamic rheometry methods. Gelation is caused by the action of high shear stresses initiating the formation of hydrophobic associates from residual chitinous blocks. In comparison with the films from untreated chitosan, the films obtained by drying hydrogel have a lower degree of crystallinity and a higher sorption capacity towards water vapor and Cu2+ ions, as well as the ability to retain up to 5000% of water during re-swelling without destruction.



Лосев Николай Владимирович