Solvent-Assisted Interfacial Assembly of Copper Tetra-(Tert-Butyl)-Phthalocyanine Into Ultrathin Films

Авторы публикации: 
Kolker A., Erokhin V., Borovkov N.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Год публикации: 
V. 120.- I. 23.- P. 12706-12712

Nowadays, the assembling of metallophthalocyanines into well-structured

thin films via wet-processing techniques is a topic of active research. This process is

addressed in the present study devoted to Langmuir−Schaeffer (LS) films of copper

tetra-(tert-butyl)-phthalocyanine. The LS films were prepared by using o-xylene as a

spreading solvent and, concurrently, as a modulator of the film growth. The film

formation process was monitored by Brewster angle microscopy from the 2D solution on

the water surface to the five-layer solid films deposited on silicon at various surface

pressures. The morphological data are rationalized in terms of the clathrate-like species

prefabricated on the water surface and transferred onto solid substrates with both solvent

and water molecules trapped. The film growth mechanism is further detailed by means of

polarized optical spectroscopy and the water uptake measurement performed on the

thicker LS films. The pros and cons of o-xylene as a dual-purpose solvent are revealed,

and promising alternatives are proposed.

Колкер Аркадий Михайлович