Sublimation thermodynamics aspects of adamantane and memantine derivatives of sulfonamide molecular crystals

Авторы публикации: 
Perlovich G. L., Volkova T. V.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
Год публикации: 
V. 20, № 30. -- P. 19784-19791

A number of new sulfonamide compounds with adamantane and memantine fragments were synthesized and characterized. Thermodynamic functions of sublimation processes have been determined on the basis of experimental values of saturated vapor pressures measured by the transpiration method in a wide temperature range. Thermophysical characteristics of fusion processes (melting points and fusion enthalpies) of the considered substances were studied using the DSC method. Correlation equations linking the thermodynamic characteristics of sublimation with melting points and packing densities of crystals have been proposed.

Колкер Римма Семеновна