Zinc(II) bis(dipyrromethenate)s as chemosensors for fluorescent detection of amines

Авторы публикации: 
A.A. Ksenofontov, G.B. Guseva, E.V. Antina, A.I. Vyugin
Journal of Luminescence
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It was proposed new highly sensitive «ON–OFF» fluorescent amines trace amounts (1.6x10-6– 9.3x10-5 mol/L) sensors in organic media based on binuclear zinc(II) helicates with 2,2/, 2,3/- and 3,3/- bis(dipyrromethene)s ([Zn2L2]). The results of fluorescence spectral studies of [Zn2L2] in binary mixtures of cyclohexane with amines (pyridine, diethylamine and trimethylamine) were presented. The influence of bis(dipyrromethene) ligands isomerism and electron-donating ability of N-containing co-solvent on the fluorescence quenching efficiency of [Zn2L2] in the presence of amines was discussed. It was determined, that the zinc(II) 3,3/-bis(dipyrromethenate) exhibits the highest fluorescence sensitivity in the amines presence in comparison with 2,3/- and 2,2/-analogs.

Гусева Галина Борисовна