The Institute of Solution Chemistry (ISC RAS) is the only scientific institution of RAS the basic investigation trend of which is treating fundamental problems of solution physical chemistry and elaboration of theoretical foundations for obtaining liquid phase materials. ISC is among the world leaders in the sphere of solutions research.
ISC RAS the unique research educational center solving classical problems of solution theory such as: adjusting substance reactivity via solvatation and  complexation; intensifying processes in solutions by extremal exposure; working out techniques with the use of solutions.
The Main Research Trends: 

Chemistry and physical chemistry of solutions, theoretical foundations of chemical-engineering processes in liquid media 

The head of this scientific trend is professor Arkadij M. Kolker, RF Meritorious Worker, the expert on solutions physical chemistry and ecology. 


Synthesis, chemical structure and reactivity of aromatic macrocyclic compounds in solutions

The head is  professor Boris D. Berezin, RF Meritorious Worker, RF Government prize-winner, one of the founders of porfyrin and phthalocyanines coordination chemistry in Russia.


Chemistry and technology of annually renewable natural polysaccharides  profound processing, elaboration of fibrous and membraneous materials with adjusted properties

The head is professor Anatolij G. Zakharov, RF Meritorious Worker,  RF Government prize-winner on science and engineering, well-known expert in chemistry and technology of functional materials on the basis of cellulosic raw materials.

Design of novel drug forms and biomedical materials
The head is professor  German L. Perlovich