Planetary Micro Mill Pulverisete 7 Classic Line

Country of origin: 
For the uniform, and extremely fine comminution of very small samples of hard to soft grinding material, dry or in suspension, down to colloidal fineness. For mixing and perfect homogenising of emulsions or pastes.
technical characteristics: 

Working principle:     Impact force

Grinding tools: Grinding bowls (12, 45 ml) and grinding balls (0.1 - 15 mm)

Materials of the grinding tools: Agate

Max. feed size: (depends on material) 5 mm

Min. sample quantity: 0.5 ml

Max. sample quantity: 40 ml

Final fineness: (depends on material) < 1 µm

Typical grinding time down to analytical fineness: 3 min

Grinding process: Dry/wet

Grinding in inert gas: Only possible in glove box

Rotational speed of main disk:100-800 rpm

Transmission ratio planetary disk/ grinding bowl:i relative = 1 : -2

Effective diameter of main disk: 140 mm

Centrifugal acceleration (g = 9.81 m/s²): 50 g

Interfaces: Yes

Electrical details: 100-120/200-240 V/1~, 50-60 Hz, 880 watt

Motor shaft power in accordance with VDE 0530, EN 60034: 0.37 kW

Weight: 35 kg

Dimensions: (W x D x H)Bench top instrument 37 x 53 x 50 cm


Areas of application

Chemistry, biology, pharmacology and pharmaceutical research, medicine, nuclear research, spectroscopy, x-ray fluorescence.

Method of operation

The grinding sample is comminuted by high-energy impacts from grinding balls and friction between balls and the grinding bowl wall.

Features overview

  • Large rotational speed range

  • Grinding chamber completely encapsulated but easy to open

  • Cooling of the grinding chamber with a built-in fan for long grinding times

  • Programmable microprocessor control

  • Precise rotational speed regulation with display of set/actual values

  • Programme-timer for grinding operation and cooling phases

  • Reversing function

  • Energy-save-function (electricity-saving mode)

  • RS232 interface for output of process data and programming of grinding cycles

  • Ergonomic IP64 membrane keyboard

  • Maintenance-free drive with asynchronous motor and frequency converter