Polarizing microscope Altami Polar 3

Country of origin: 
Altami Polar 3 polarizing microscope is meant for studying transparent and non-transparent objects in transmitted and reflected light – ordinary and polarized.
technical characteristics: 

– work with simple polarized light, conducting orthoscopic and conoscopic researches;

– 360° rotating polarizer and analyzer;

– kit of compensators (λ, λ/4 и I-IV quartz wedge)for quantitative measuring ofmoderation process;

– round stage allows to measure angles with 0.1°accuracy;

– built-in mechanism of table’s move limitation for protection of sample during quick change;

– opportunity to conduct researches in transmitted and reflected polarized light;

– triple eye-piece allows to set in digital instruments for image capture from microscope, microscope completed with 3 Megapixel camera and “Altami Studio” software for controlling camera and analyzing images;

– as option the microscope is delivered with removable substage.


Application fields: geology, petrography, mineralogy, crystallography, coal-petrography, biology, medicine, chemistry, criminalistics.

Altami Polar 312 is compact therefore it doesn’t take a lot of place on workplace. The microscope has wide range of functional features for its size.

The microscope is provided with intermediate drawtube, which has Bertrand lens for conducting conoscopy. This function will be useful for identification of uniaxial and biaxial crystals, also for estimation other optical properties.