Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy system (EDS Thermo Fisher Scientific) for the Quattro S microscope

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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Czech Republic
Combined coating system Q150R ES Plus

G.A. Krestov Institute of Solution Chemistry has modernised the Quattro S scanning electron microscope by equipping it with an energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy system (EDS Thermo Fisher Scientific) and a combined coating system Q150R ES Plus. The modernisation expenses were covered by the grant for renovation of the equipment of the leading institutions engaged in research and development within the framework of the federal project "Development of Research and Training Facilities" of the national project "Science and Universities".

EDS spectroscopy will significantly extend the functionality of the Quattro S SEM by solving almost all microanalysis problems. Local X-ray analysis is extremely popular around the world as it allows researchers to do elemental analysis of solid materials with a wide range of atom types except the light ones on an area of up to 10 μ.

The Q150R ES Plus rotary pumped coater will broaden the range of sample types for electron microscopy by applying noble metal and carbon sputtering and will enable the researchers to study dielectric materials. A thin conductive coating deposited on the sample surface will make it possible to handle initially nonconductive or low conductive samples in the high vacuum mode and obtain high contrast images with high resolution.