Structaral-thermodynamic properties of active substances (amino acids, oligopeptides, urea and its derivatives) in solutions and gaseous phase

About the group:


Group leader: Doctor of chemical sciences  Abrosimov V.K., PhD Badelin  V.G.
Investigations on the matter aimed at studying of interparticle interactions nature in solutions of biomolecules and their model compounds, revelation of medium (solvent) functions and role of solvation in biological processes. Among many active substances, amino acids and low-molecular peptides have special role, science they are primary structural element in biopolymer construction. The major substances for biochemical processes of livings are such polyfunctional compounds as urea and its derivatives. Complex investigation of thermodynamic and structural properties of active substances (amino acids, oligopeptides, urea and its derivative) are carried out by means of experimental technique: 
  • mass spectrometry, potentiometry, 
  • HD-isotope substitution, 
  • micro-calorimetry of solvation, 
  • precise densimetry  and microwave dielectric spectroscopy to clarify the nature of interparticle interactions (including reaction-specific electronic donor/acceptor centers) in water and binary systems. 
Head of the laboratory, Department head
Doctor of сhemical sciences
IO head of Laboratory, Leading researcher
Phd in chemistry
Senior Researcher