Congratulations to the winners of the Russian Science Foundation contest!


The Russian Science Foundation has announced the results of the contest of individual research groups and the contest of interdisciplinary projects commissioned by the President of Russia.
Among the winners of the contest among individual research groups is the project of a group of ISC RAS researchers (No. 24-13-00010 "Structure of porphyrin molecules and electrophysical properties of polymer films on their basis"). The project leader is Chief Researcher of ISC RAS, Professor, Doctor of Chemical Sciences Vladimir Parfenyuk.

The project is aimed at developing the bases of design of thin-film organic electroconductive materials at the atomic-molecular-level. Among such materials are polyporphyrin coatings (films and layers). Porphyrin-based polymers attract a lot of attention because of their potential applications as light-emitting diodes on a polymeric basis, solar cells, etc. The last few years have seen fast progress in understanding of fundamental physical and chemical properties of conductive polymers. However, the correlations existing between them are not completely clear.

It is planned to obtain electrochemically controlled polymers based on polyporphyrin films with semiconductor properties and to establish how these properties depend on the structure of precursor molecules, solvent nature and methods of their preparation and, based on the obtained data, to select and optimize them for further application in electronics industry. The use of low-volatility and low-toxicity solvents for electrochemical film formation makes the technology of polyporphyrin film production environmentally safe.

The project will be realized by a group of scientists from ISC RAS (Chief Researcher, Prof., Doctor of Chemical Sciences Vladimir Parfenyuk, Senior Researcher, Candidate of Chemical Sciences Sergey Kuzmin, Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences Mariya Tesakova, and Researcher, Candidate of Chemical Sciences Ekaterina Dolinina), V.N. Gorodkov Ivanovo Research Institute of Maternity and Childhood (Researcher, Candidate of Chemical Sciences Yulia Filimonova) and ISUCT (1st year Master course students Aleksandr Bokov and Natalya Pavlova).