Publishing activity

ISC RAS is authorized by Decree No. 10204 -1913 of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, dated December 10, 1987, to publish subject-specific collections of scientific works, proceedings of conferences, congresses, symposia, etc, as well as scientific monographs.
The Editorial and Publishing Department of the Institute is responsible for editing and publication of:
•    scientific monographs,
•    conference abstracts,
•    collections of scientific works and journals,
•    information materials about the ISC RAS innovations
The publication of information materials about the ISC RAS innovative activities is supervised by Doctor of Engineering Sciences Nataliya P. Prorokova.
More than 60 monographs were published in 1981-2019. Of special interest among them are 15 books from the academic series of monograph collections "Problems of Solution Chemistry", the first of which was released after the publication of the book "Modern Problems of Solution Chemistry" / G.A. Krestov, V.I. Vinogradov, Yu.M. Kessler et al. - M.: Nauka, 1986. - 264 p.