Educational Activity

ISC RAS is a leading research center coordinating activities in the field of solution chemistry and training of highly-qualified specialists.
ISC RAS coordinates and supervises training at a number of research and educational centers and student research laboratories established for purposes of integration of higher education and science, improvement of the quality of fundamental higher education, forms and methods of student research organization, stimulation of students' initiative in research and creative activities in science, as well as for targeted training of specialists for theoretical and experimental chemistry and chemical technology.
The Institute provides students with laboratory equipment and other research facilities, as well as chemical reagents for preparation of their projects and graduation dissertations. Almost all applicants for the ISC RAS post-graduate courses gain prior hands-on experience at the Institute's laboratories. Having been trained to operate modern research equipment, do preparative work, search the Internet, and use electronic library and other information resources of various kinds, the young scientists can more easily complete their post-graduate studies. The most important provider of qualified personnel for the ISC RAS is the Ivanovo branch of the Higher Chemical College, RAS. ISC RAS was one of its founders.
The training of post-graduate students is carried out under a license to conduct educational activity and a certificate of state accreditation in the main professional education programs of higher education.