Four projects of the ISC RAS scientists have received grants of the Russian Science Foundation


The Russian Science Foundation has announced 1392 winners of the grant competition among small individual research groups.

Among the 1392 winners are four research groups from ISC RAS:

1. Plasma-chemical synthesis as a new method of obtaining MXenes and nanostructured composites on their basis for production of photothermal materials of the new generation (The group leader is Nikolai Sirotkin);

2. Conformational variety as the main factor of designing novel drug forms (The group leader is Ilya Khodov);

3. Structural and thermodynamic properties of glycerol-based cryoprotectant mixtures (The group leader is Gennady Egorov);

4. High-strength membranes made from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene: preparation methods and effects of molecular weight and nature of the filler on the structure and properties of the membranes (The group leader is Andrei Basko).


Congratulations to the winners and good luck with the research!