MDPI publisher has named the article authored by ISC RAS researchers one of the 5 best papers of June 2023


The paper authored by ISC RAS researchers - Ilya Khodov and Konstantin Belov - and their colleagues from Leipzig University "Conformational State of Fenamates at the Membrane Interface: A MAS NOESY Study" has been identified as one of the 5 best papers published by MDPI in June 2023.

The researchers have for the first time determined the spatial structure of small molecules of fenamates localized in a POPC lipid membrane. A group of scientists headed by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Ilya Khodov (ISC RAS) and Doctor Daniel Huster (Leipzig University) applied solid-state NMR spectroscopy methods to identift the probable conformation of fenamate molecules in the presence of a model membrane. The obtained data can be used to predict and identify the mechanisms of interaction of small molecules of drug compounds with the target proteins, which is an essential step to modifying drug species.

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