Women in Science


To the International Women's Day, which is celebrated on March 8 every year, the Ivteleradio company has prepared a broadcast about women in science. This time, Ivteleradio featured Nataliya Bichan, a Senior Researcher of ISC RAS, Doctor of Chemical Sciences. Nataliya spoke about her ongoing research and shared her opinion about the potential of the Big Ivanovo Manufactory, a world-class scientific and educational center that is going to be built in Ivanovo region.

To see the broadcast go to: https://vk.com/video-101685153_456253637

Nataliya Bichan has also recently told a reporter from the Scientific and Educational Consortium "Ivanovo" about her work and her way to science: https://vk.com/@-216220387-zanyatie-naukoi-eto-tvorcheskii-process-kotoryi-daet-vozmozh