Young scientists from ISC RAS have taken part in the III Congress of Young Scientists


For three days the Sirius federal territory turned into the venue of the III Congress of Young Scientists - the main scientific event of the year. The Business program of the Congress included more than 150 round tables, sessions, discussions and other events, where Russian and foreign scientists, business people and government officials discussed the main problems and goals of modern science.

Aleksandr Ksenofontov, Senior Researcher of ISC RAS, took part in one of the sections of the program "Megagrants: Results and Plans". The participants discussed the process of the megagrant program implementation and its meaning for the Russian science.
The world-class laboratory "Computer Synthesis of Chemical Compounds" set up at ISC RAS as part of the megagrant implementation aims to develop computational methods based on machine learning for exploring the chemical space in search of compounds with desired properties, including potential drug compounds.

A group of young researchers from Ivanovo also presented their educational project "Solyaris.Lectures about Science" abbreviated SLON as a part of the exhibition program of the III Congress of Young Scientists. The project was represented at three congress locations.
The congress participants were offered short talks that were given by three of the SLON lecturers: Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Electrical Systems of Ivanovo State Power Engineering University, Candidate of Engineering Sciences Dmitry Kormilitsyn, 3d year student of Ivanovo State Power Engineering University Igor Nikonov and well-known biologist, expert in genetics, leader of the educational projects of the Genotek company Dmitry Krivosheev.
Senior Lecturer of Ivanovo State University Aleksei Sivukhin and Intern Researcher of ISC RAS Maksim Kuzmikov presented the SLON project at the MSU scientific Salon in Sirius. They told the audience about the preparation of lectures and presentations for the project and about instructing the lecturers.
The SLON project also had a specialized stand at the congress.