Bruker D8 Advance

Country of origin: 
The Bruker D8 Advance is ideal for temperature dependent x-ray diffraction analysis of inorganics, pharmaceutics, and organic systems which require precise temperature control.
technical characteristics: 

The Bruker D8 Advance is a Cu/Mo-source, theta-theta diffractometer equipped with a Lynx-eye position sensitive detector.  This detector allows for a range of scattering angles to be measured simultaneously, increasing signal detection and decreasing scan times.  Two sample stages are installed with the diffractometer: 1) A rotation stage for increased crystallite illumination and 2) an Anton-Paar CHC Cryo & Humidity stage. Treatment of capillary-loaded samples is possible with special module inserted into the goniometer. The samples can be heated or cooled under and inert atmosphere or vacuum from - 190°C to 300°C, allowing for temperature dependent phase identification.  The sample stage is also equipped to handle various level of humidity for biological applications.  The currently developed cuvettes will allow to determine the structure  of liquid samples.


  • Cu Kα / Mo Kα radiation, line source filtered with a Ni foil
  • Bruker Lynx-eye position sensitive detector
  • Anton-Paar CHC Cryo & Humidity stage
  • Temperature dependent X-ray diffraction possible from -190°C to 300°C
  • Software level program control for temperature set-point, dwell, and ramping control



Предназначен для исследования структуры широкого круга кристаллических порошкообразных материалов. 

Снабжен камерами-приставками, позволяющими изучать образцы в интервале температур от –190 до 900 оС. 

Специальный модуль, вставляемый в гониометр, дает возможность проводить дифракционные измерения образцов, загруженных в капилляры. 
Разрабатываемые в настоящее время кюветы позволят проводить комплексные исследования структуры жидкофазных систем.