Calorimeter of dissolution of substances

measurement of heat effects of dissolution of solid (liquid) substances in different solvents and heat effects of chemical processes in solution.
technical characteristics: 

The calorimeter vessel has massive shell. The apparatus functions with isoperibol mode of operation. The range of allowed thermistor resistance is 10 kOhm, resolution — 0.001 Ohm. The sensitivity of temperature measurements is ~ 0.00001 К. The calorimeter is electrically calibrated after each experiment.

Validation of the calorimeter. The calorimeter was tested by measuring the heat of potassium chloride dissolution in water at T = 298.15 K. The tabled value of (17.22 ± 0.12) kJ mol-1 for the enthalpy of solution of KCl at infinite dilution was reproduced. The accuracy in measurement of heat effect comes up 0.01 J.