Solution calorimeter

The method is based on measurement of amount of heat that is exchanged during chemical, physical or biological processes which are studied.
technical characteristics: 

The resistance of the semiconductor thermistor is measured directly by the Reference temperature measuring unit (ITE) specially designed by the Intercollegiate Center of Belarus (BMC, Minsk) on request and with the assistance of Institute of Solution Chemistry of RAS.

The range of allowed thermistor resistance is 0 to 20 kOhm, resolution — 0.001 Ohm.

The accuracy of temperature maitenance in the thermostate A2 (BMC, Minsk) is ±0.001 К in temperature range 293-313 К and ±0.003 К in temperature range 313-353 К.

The sensitivity of temperature measurements performed by the ITE is ~ 0.00001 К.