Fedotova Marina Vitalyevna

Head of Research Group
Chief Researcher
Doctor of сhemical sciences
Academic title: 
+7 (4932) 351869

Personal Data

Born June 29, 1964 in Ivanovo, Russia; nationality: Russian


1981–1986   Student at Department of Theoretical Physics, Physical Faculty of Ivanovo State University (USSR)

1987–1994   Postgraduate student of physical chemistry at the Institute of Non-Aqueous Solution Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Science

Scientific Degrees and Academic Titles

1986   Degree MSc in Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics, mark very good; Diploma of physics. Qualification: Physicist. Lecturer

1994   Degree Doctor of Philosophy /Physical Chemistry/

PhD Thesis on The Possibilities and Results of an Application of the Integral Equation Method and X-ray Diffraction for the Structural Analysis of Water–Electrolyte Systems at the Institute of Non-Aqueous Solution Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences

2006   Habilitation (Doctor of Science) in Physical Chemistry      

with thesis The Application of the Integral Equation Method for Structural Studies of Aqueous 1:1 Electrolyte Solutions in a Wide Range of State Parameters at the G.A. Krestov Institute Solution Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences

2014  Professor


Russian D.I. Mendeleev Chemical Society, European Molecular Liquids Group

Participation in grants and programs:

Grant Support

Grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Researches

2001-2003 Project «Predicting of structural properties of concentrated aqueous 1:1 electrolyte solutions under extreme conditions»

2006-2008 Project «An investigation of the external condition (p, T) effect on the processes of structure self-organization of the fluid systems with different types of intermolecular interactions» (Principal investigator)

2009-2011 Project «Structure self-organization of binary and ternary fluid systems on the base of water in sub- and supercritical regions of state parameters» (Principal investigator)

2012-2014 Project «Environment effects on hydration features of α-amino acids in biologically relevant aqueous electrolyte solutions» (Principal investigator)

2015-2017 Project «Modelling of hydration and association processes of low molecular weight organic substances – protectants under environmental stresses» (Principal investigator)

2018-2020 Project «Choline-based biologically active compounds: the features of ion hydration and ion association « (Principal investigator)

2022-2023 Project «New approach to calculating solvation effects in biomolecule solutions within the framework of the classical density functional theory» (Principal investigator)

Grants from the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften, MPG: 2009, 2010, 2011

Participation in International Research Projects

7th Framework Program (FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IRSES, Marie Curie Project) under grant agreement No. 247500, 2009-2013

Bilateral Sloven-Russian (SLO-RU) project »Ion Size and Structure on the Association Processes in Solutions: The Case of Ionic Liquids«, 2014-2015 (Principal investigator)

Bilateral Sloven-Russian (SLO-RU) project «Ionic Liquids in Solutions: Structure-Properties Relationships between Solute and Solvent» (2016-2018) (Principal investigator)

The most important publications:


main stages of research and teaching:

Scientific Experience

1994 – up-to-date  Junior Researcher, Researcher, Senior Researcher, Leading Researcher, and currently Principal Researcher / Team Leader at the G.A. Krestov Institute of Solution Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences


2006–2015 Ivanovo State University, Physical Faculty, Dept. of Theoretical Physics

Lecture courses on Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics; Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics; Theoretical Mechanics; Physical Chemistry for Physicists.

PhD supervision

1. Roman D. Oparin (1997-1999), PhD thesis (1999) “Structural characteristics of the concentrated aqueous sodium chloride of Li, Na, K in a wide range of the state parameters form the data of the integral equation method”

2. Alexander A. Gribkov (2001-2003), PhD thesis (2012) “Structural properties of aqueous bromide and iodide solutions of Li, Na, K in a wide range of the state parameters”

3. Sergey E. Kruchinin (2010-2012), PhD thesis (2013) “Structural features of glycine and para-amino benzoic acid hydration in water and aqueous NaCl and KCl”

4. Olga A. Dmitrieva (2014-2018), PhD thesis (2018) “Environment effects on features of proline hydration”

Supervision of more than 20 bachelor and master thesis