Voronin Alexander Pavlovich

Senior Researcher
Phd in chemistry
Research interests:
  • Crystallography and design of multi-component molecular crystals
  • Thermodynamics of sublimation, solvation and dissolution processes of drug and druglike organic compounds
  • Thermophysical analysis of binary systems
  • Novel methods and strategies for solid form screening
  • Theoretical estimation of energy of intermolecular interaction (QTAIMC, atom-atom potentials)

Methods: X-Ray diffraction, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), thermal microscopy, isothermal saturation method, solution calorimetry, high-performance liquid chromatography, UV-Vis spectrophotometry, inert gas flow (transpiration) method, solid-state DFT (CRYSTAL14), topological analysis of electron density (Bader analysis), CLP/PIXEL.

The most important publications:

Manin, A.N.; Voronin, A.P.; Shishkina, A.V.; Vener, M.V.; Churakov, A.V.; Perlovich, G.L. Influence of secondary interactions on the structure, sublimation thermodynamics, and solubility of salicylate:4-hydroxybenzamide cocrystals. Combined experimental and theoretical study. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, (2015), 119 (33), 10466-10477

Surov A.O., Manin A.N., Voronin A.P., Drozd K.V., Simagina A.A., Churakov A.V., Perlovich G.L. Pharmaceutical salts of ciprofloxacin with dicarboxylic acids. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2015, 77, 112–121

Vener M.V., Levina E.O., Koloskov O.A., Rykounov A.A., Voronin A.P., Tsirelson V.G. Evaluation of the lattice energy of the two-component molecular crystals using solid-state density functional theory. Crystal Growth and Design, 2014, 14 (10), 4997–5003

Surov A.O., Voronin A.P.,  Manin A.N.,  Manin N.G.,  Kuzmina L.G.,  Churakov A.V.,  Perlovich G.L. Pharmaceutical docrystals of diflunisal and diclofenac with theophylline. Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2014, 11 (10), 3707–3715

Manin A.N., Voronin A.P., Drozd K.V., Manin N.G., Bauer-Brandl A., Perlovich G.L. Cocrystal screening of hydroxybenzamides with benzoic acid derivatives: A comparative study of thermal and solution-based methods. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2014, 65, 56-64

Manin A.N., Voronin A.P., Manin N.G., Vener M.V., Shishkina A.V., Lermontov A.S., Perlovich G.L. Salicylamide cocrystals: Screening, crystal structure, sublimation thermodynamics, dissolution, and solid-state DFT calculation. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, (2014), 118, 6803-6814

Manin A.N., Voronin A.P., Perlovich G.L. Acetamidobenzoic acid isomers: studying sublimation and fusion processes and their relation with crystal structures. Thermochimica Acta (2014), 583, 72-77

Manin A.N., Voronin A.P., Perlovich G.L. Thermodynamic and structural aspects of hydroxybenzamide molecular crystals study. Thermochimica Acta (2013), 551, 57-61


main stages of research and teaching:

2009-2013 – Institute of Solution Chemistry, Research engineer.

2011 – Bachelor examination in Chemistry at the Ivanovo State University for Chemistry and Technology

2013 – Master of Science examination in Physical Chemistry at the Ivanovo State University for Chemistry and Technology

2013-present – Institute of Solution Chemistry, Ph.D. student.