Base department of NMiNT

Department of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology established by G.A. Krestov Institute of Solution Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISC RAS) jointly with Ivanovo State Polytechnic University


The Department trains students of specialization/major 28.03.02 "Nanoengineering" of the Department of Natural Sciences and Technosphere Safety of the Institute of Information Technologies, Natural Sciences and Humanities of Ivanovo State Polytechnic University. Nanoengineering, profile - Nanomaterials.
Specialization/major - 28.03.02 "Nanoengineering". The Department trains students to do research aimed at developing methods of preparation, functionalization and diagnostics of nanostructured materials and devices for various purposes (for the use in various branches of science and engineering). Among them are bioactive materials and composites based on bio- and synthetic polymers, magneto-sensitive composites, nanostructured films, functional coatings, biomimetics, components of photoactive devices, etc.
The aim of the Department is to provide students with high quality education through integration of education and science, as well as involvement of young specialists in research.
Students acquire profound theoretical knowledge and practical skills in chemistry, physics, mathematics and engineering allowing them to specialize in the field of nanotechnologies and development of nanomaterials for a wide spectrum of purposes: from electronics to biomedicine.

Forms of cooperation:

- Supervision of research of preselected second-year students at the ISC RAS laboratories and other divisions;

- Students' internship at ISC RAS;

- Preparation of graduation papers;

- Involvement of students in the Institute's research, carrying our target studies in cooperation with ISC RAS and ISPU researchers in order to solve certain problems, realization of projects together with enterprises of the city and region;

- Intensive preparation for entering Master degree and Post-graduate courses.





Advantages of studying at the joint department:

  • Making a career in science starting from supervised research in the second year at University and finishing with a PhD thesis;
  • Doing research together with other scientists; internships at the leading Russian and foreign research institutions;
  • Participation in competitions, grant and scholarship programs providing funding for research;
  • Good prospects for employment at educational and research institutions, as well as laboratories and innovation departments of industrial enterprises;
  • More attention to practical skills, good training in the theory of chemistry, physics and mathematics, and English.

The Department coordinators are:
Scientific Worker of ISC RAS Laboratory 1-7, Associate Professor of the Department of Natural Sciences and Technosphere Safety, Candidate of Chemical Sciences Lyubov Anatolievna Antina (ISC RAS)
tel.: +7(4932)33-62-72;

Director of the Institute of Information Technologies, Natural Sciences and Humanities, Head of the Department of Natural Sciences and Technosphere Safety, Councillor of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Varvara Evgenievna Rumyantseva (Ivanovo State Polytechnic University)
tel.: +7(4932)41-75-09;