Sheinin Vladimir Borisovich

Leading Researcher
Phd in chemistry
Academic title: 
Senior Researcher
+7 (4932) 336990
Research interests:

New materials based on self-assembled porphyrin systems
Self-assembled porphyrin nanotubes
J- and H-aggregates
pH-depended molecular triggers and optochemosensors
Sitting-atop complexes
Coordination chemistry of ionic porphyrins
Acid-base properties of porphyrins
Porphyrin sponges
Reactivity of porphyrin gases
Molecular and supramolecular design
Computational Synthesis


Spectroscopy of porphyrin gases, solutions and film samples.
Spectropotentiometry (optical spectrometry + рН, рХ, рМ and E-metry) in aqueous and nonaqueous media.
Vacuum reactor.
Computational Chemistry.

Participation in grants and programs:


The most important publications:


(file_1), (file_2)

Обложка Сесслер Дж.Л., Гейл Ф.А., Вон-Сеоб Хо Химия анионных рецепторов. Пер. с англ. (file_T1)

main stages of research and teaching:

The certificate of the Senior research assistant (presidium AS USSR)

Field: Physical Chemistry

Date: 1990.

Ph.D. degree in Organic Chemistry (at the Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Tech­nology)
Field: Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry

Date: 1981

Engineer degree (at the Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology)
Field: Chemical technology of organic pigments and semi-products

Date: 1978


Institute of Solution Chemistry Russian Academy of Sciences

Since 2009 - Leading Researcher, ISC RAS, the laboratory of New Materials on the basis of macro­cyclic compounds.

2006 - Leading Researcher, ISC RAS, the laboratory of Coordination Chemistry of aromatic macrocyclic compound solutions. Acid-base and coordination properties of porphyrins and metalloporphyrins.

1989 - Leading Researcher, ISC RAS, the laboratory of Coordination Chemistry of Porphyrins.
1985 - 1989  Senior Researcher, ISC RAS, the laboratory of Coordination Chemistry of porphyrin and metalloporphyrin ionic and ion-radical forms.

1982 - 1885  Junior Researcher, ISC RAS.

Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology

1978 – 1981 Post-graduate student, ISUCT, the Department of Organic Chemistry. Ph.D. Thesis «Investigation of the natural and synthetic porphyrins acid-base ionization».(file_P0)


Postgraduate students:

Sergey A. Shabunin. 2015. ISC-RAS. Ivanovo. «The mechanism of single-walled nanotubes self-assembly based on 5,10,15,20-tetrakis (4'-sulfophenyl) porphyrin zwitterion». (file_P5)
Olga M. Chernova. 2003. ISUCT. Ivanovo. «Structure-property correlations in methyl substituted dipyrrolilmethenes and their structural analogs». (file_P4)
Olga R. Simonova. 2001. ISC RAS. Ivanovo. «Investigation of coordination interactions in porphyrin simple derivatives solutions». (file_P3)
Yuliya B. Ivanova. 1994.  ISC RAS. Ivanovo. «Chemical interactions and the state of mesoporphyrin IX dimethyl ether protonated forms in acetonitrile». (file_P2)

Sergey A. Kljuev. 1991.  ISC RAS. Ivanovo. «Electron-acceptor properties of Mn(III) porphyrin complexes». (file_P1)


Аnton А. Zarubin. 2014. ISUCT. Ivanovo.«Synthesis and modification of tectons for the porphyrin J-aggregates self-assembly based on tetraphenylporphyrin derivatives». (file_M3)
Volkova Marina .P. 2010. ISUCT. Ivanovo. "Investigation of physico-chemical properties of porphyrin-dopped polymers based on cellulose esters"». (file_M2)
Ekaterina L. Ratkova. 2009. ISUCT. Ivanovo. «Investigation of pH-dependent porphy­rin receptors on halogen anions» (file_M1).


Sergey A. Shabunin. 2009. ISUCT. Ivanovo. "Synthesis and spectropotentiometric investigation of 5,10,15,20-tetraphenyl-21H,23H-porphyn and 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(4-sulfonatophenyl)-21H,23H-porphyn basic properties "(file_B2).
Natalya N. Tihova. 2005. ISUCT. "Investigation of acidic and coordination properties of amiloxylic and thiadiazolic porphyrazin derivatives in DMSO"( file_B1).