Terekhova Irina Vladimirovna

Head of Laboratory
Doctor of сhemical sciences
Academic title: 
Lecturer (docent)
+7 (4932) 351859
Research interests:

- design of dosage forms with improved biopharmaceutical properties;
- thermodynamic and structural study of the interactions of drugs with cyclodextrins, polymers and block copolymers;
- the study of the processes of dissolution and membrane permeability of new drug compositions in biorelevant media.

- study of the effect of cyclodextrins and polymers on the solubility, dissolution rate, membrane permeability and bioavailability of drugs;
- encapsulation of drugs in metal-organic frameworks

Participation in grants and programs:

Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research №18-29-04023 (2018-present) « Scientific foundations of development and functioning of metal-organic frameworks based on cyclodextrins for delivery and prolongation of effect of antirheumatic drugs»

Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research №18-43-370025 (2018-present) «Development of micellar delivery systems of anti-rheumatic drug compounds and study of the effect of pH and composition of bio-relevant media on their functioning».

Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research (№15-43-03017, 2015) - Development and investigation of new water-soluble dosage forms of disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs

Grant of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation"Research and scientific-pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia for 2009-2013." (№8839, 2012-2013) – Study on effects of biologically relevant inorganic salts on encapsulation of drugs and vitamins by cyclodextrins: thermodynamic study.

Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research (№12-03-97516, 2012-2014) - Study on the influence of components of biological environment on encapsulation of drugs by cyclodextrins

Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research (№09-03-97563, 2009-2012) - Thermodynamic study on possibility to use cyclodextrins as encapsulating materials for flavins with the purpose to enhance their biological and pharmacological activity

Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research (№06-03-96313, 2006-2009) - Thermodynamic aspects of possibility of improving of physicochemical properties and activity of some drugs due to their complex formation with cyclodextrins

Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Research (№03-03-96411, 2003-2005) - Physical and chemical investigation of possibility of modification of some drugs and vitamins by means of clathration with cyclodextrins

The most important publications:


1. Terekhova I.V. salt effects on the inclusion complex formation of cyclodextrins with some biologically active aromatic carboxylic acids / Cyclodextrins: synthesis, chemical applications and role in drug delivery. ed. F.G. Ramirez.- Nova Science Publishers. -USA, New York 2015. P. 269.

2. Terekhova I.V. Study on riboflavin encapsulation by cyclodextrins  / Advances in Medicine and Biology. Volume 81; ed. L. V. Berhardt.- Nova Science Publishers. - USA, New York. 2014. P.129.

3. Terekhova I.V. Inclusion complex formation of cyclodextrins with aminobenzoic acids in aqueous solution // Ch. 8 in Macrocyclic Chemistry: New Research Developments. Eds. D.W. Fitzpatrick and H.J. Ulrich. Nova Science Publishers. -USA, New York. 2010. Р.263.


1. Agafonov M., Volkova T., Kumeev R., Chibunova E., Terekhova I. Impact of pluronic F127 on aqueous solubility and membrane permeability of antirheumatic compounds of different structure and polarity // Journal of Molecular Liquids. 2019. 274. 770-777.

2. Kritskiy I., Volkova T., Surov A., Terekhova I. γ-Cyclodextrin-metal organic frameworks as efficient microcontainers for encapsulation of leflunomide and acceleration of its transformation into teriflunomide // Carbohydrate Polymers. 2019. 216. 224-230.

3. Volkova T., Kumeev R., Kochkina N., Terekhova I. Impact of Pluronics of different structure on pharmacologically relevant properties of sulfasalazine and methotrexate // Journal of Molecular Liquids. 2019. 289. 111076.

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6. Volkova T.V., Chibunova E.S., Silyukov,O.I., Proshin A.N., Terekhova I.V. Impact of biorelevant media on pharmacologically important properties of potential neuroprotectors based on 1,2,4-thiadiazole // Journal of Molecular Liquids. - 2017. - V.247. - P.64-69

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9. Brusnikina M.A., Silyukov,O.I., Chislov M.V., Volokova T.V., Proshin A.N., Terekhova I.V. New water-soluble dosage forms of 1,2,4-thiadiazole derivative on the basis of inclusion complexes with cyclodextrins //  Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. - 2017. - V.127. - P.1815-1824.

10. Chislov М.В., Brusnikina  M.А., Chibunova E.S., Volkova T.V., Zvereva I.A., Proshin A.N., Terekhova I.V. Thermodynamics and binding mode of novel structurally related 1,2,4-thiadiazole derivatives with native and modified cyclodextrins // Chemical Physics Letters. - 2017. - V.671. - P.28-36.

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12. Terekhova I., Kumeev R., Alper G., Chakraborty S., Pérez-Sánchez H., Núñez-Delicado E. Molecular recognition of aromatic carboxylic acids by hydroxypropyl-γ-cyclodextrin: experimental and theoretical evidence // RSC Advances – 2016. – V.6. – P.49567

13. Terekhova I.V., Chibunova E.S., Kumeev R.S., Kruchinin S.E., Fedotova M.V., Kozbiał M., Wszelaka-Rylik M., Gierycz P. Specific and nonspecific effects of biologically active inorganic salts on inclusion complex formation of cyclodextrins with aromatic carboxylic acids // Chemical Engineering Science. – 2015. – V. 122. – P. 97-103.

14. Usacheva T.R., Pham Thi L., Terekhova I.V., Kumeev R.S., Sharnin V.A. Application of isothermal titration calorimetry for evaluation of water-acetone and water-dimethylsulfoxide solvent influence on the molecular complex formation between 18-crown-6 and triglycine at 298.15 K // Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. – 2015. – V. 121. – P. 975-981.

15. Chibunova E.S., Kumeev R.S., Terekhova I.V. Thermodynamic study on salt effects on complex formation of α-, β- and γ-cyclodextrins with p-aminobenzoic acid // J. Chem. Thermodyn. – 2015.– V. 91. – P. 30-34.

main stages of research and teaching:

Ivanovo State University, Department of Chemistry and Biology

2000 – PhD, Chemistry, candidate thesis

2013 – PhD, Chemistry, doctoral thesis



Institute of Physical Chemistry of Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw, Poland)

Department of Physical Chemistry of the University of Palermo (Palermo, Italy)

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry of University of Jena (Jena, Germany)

Strathclyde University (Glasgow, UK)