Drugs properties in solid state and biological media

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Bioavailability of physiologically active compounds is determined by a whole number of processes, among them solubility, distribution in the biological fluids and membrane permeability are the most important. The solubility is estimated to be an important characteristic of drug substances as it influences optimal therapeutic doses and possible side effects. From the fundamental point of view the solubility of the compounds is determined by the crystal lattice energy and solvation processes. The investigation of the main processes which occur during the dissolution, distribution and membrane permeability allows to carry out a direct synthesis of drug compounds.


  1. Investigation of the solubility in the solutions modeling the biological media.
  2. Studying the crystal state of the substances based on the thermophysic and sublimation parameters.
  3. Investigation of the distribution and membrane permeability coefficients of drug compounds.
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Phd in chemistry
Phd in chemistry
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