Mamardashvili Nugzar Zhoraevich

Head of the laboratory
Doctor of сhemical sciences
Academic title: 
+7 (4932) 336246
His research interests:

Main fields. Supramolecular synthesis focusing on the porphyrins, the crown-ethers and the calixarenes, their precursors and derivatives. Investigation of molecular recognition of host/guest molecules occurs with non-covalent bonds (ionoc, H-bridge, charge transfer, hydrophobic and hydrophilic interactions).

Other fields. Synthetic organic chemistry including spectroscopic methods aimed at understanding the mechanism of chemical and biochemical reactions.

Participation in grants and programs:

1.    Macrocyclic ligands for biometals concentration monitoring and targeting delivery in the tissues of living organisms.

Head of the project: Professor N.Zh. Mamardashvili Fundation agency: Russian Scientific Foundation, RSF№14-13-00232

Duration: 2014 – 2016

2. Dendrimeric Photo Devices Head of the project from Russia: Professor N.Zh. Mamardashvili

Fundation agency: Seventh Framework Programme of the European Community for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration Activities, IRSES-GA-2009-247260. Duration: 2010 - 2013

3. Porphyrin-calixarene conjugates - new sensors for heavy metals Principal researcher: Dr. Sc. N.Zh. Mamardashvili

Fundation agency: Ministry of Higher Education of France. Duration: 2002 - 2003             

4. Chemistry of porphyrins from dipyrrolylmethans Principal researcher: Dr.Sc. N.Zh. Mamardashvili

Fundation Agency: INTAS. Duration: 2001 - 2002

main stages of research and teaching:

EDUCATION (degrees and dates)

M.Sc. degree of the Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology

Title of work : "Synthesis and spectral properties of tetrabenzoporphyrins"

Date: June 1, 1987             Supervisor: Prof. O.A. Golubchikov, Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology

Ph.D. degree in Organic Chemistry

Field: Organic synthesis and NMR spectroscopy

Title of thesis: " Synthesis, coordination and spectral properties of meso-substituted porphyrins"

Date: December 24, 1990  Ph.D advisor: Prof. B.D. Berezin, Russian Academy of Sciences

Dr.Sc. degree in Organic Chemistry

Field: Organic synthesis and molecular recognition

Title of thesis: "Chemistry of porphyrins obtained from dipyrrolylmethanes"

Date: January 25, 1999  Dr.Sc. advisor: Prof. O.A. Golubchikov, Russian Academy of Sciences

Professor of Organic Chemistry

Field: Chemistry of macrocyclic compounds

Date: July 25, 2007


ISC RAS, Deputy Director on Research, 2016- present

ISC RAS, Head of Laboratory, 2005- present

ISC RAS, Chief Scientist, 2002-2005

ISC RAS, Leading Scientist, 1999-2002

ISC RAS, Senior Research Scientist, 1993-1999

ISC RAS, Research Scientist, 1991-1992

ISC RAS, Junior Research Scientist, 1990-1991

ISC RAS, Post-graduate Course, 1987-1990